Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is probably bad for me....

But I don't care. One weak drink won't kill me.

I am at the bar, which, in my head, is where the cool cancer patients hang out, exchanging bon mots and debating the merits of xylophonics as a music genre.

The name of the bar is, in my head, "Club Big C." It has IV stripper poles. In my head, I'm holding court at the Big C like I'm Hemingway or Wilde. Or Pothast.

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Location:Holcombe Blvd,Houston,United States


Joe B. said...

That which does not kill you makes you stronger! Kam Pai! Bottoms Up, Dan. Enjoy!!

Rachel said...



Meg said...

Somehow this post and the ghosts posts are coming together in my head with The Shining. Look around carefully at the other patrons, don't go into rooms that are not yours, and stay away from the fire axe. (And happy birthday!)