Friday, January 8, 2010


Dan would give me the business if I did not acknowledge the King's
birthday today. Happy Birthday to the King! Dan is stoned but doing
well and resting. Mom and sis are spooling down and will hopefully
rest well too. As for me...I may be fired tomorrow, you'll be the
first to know! Thank you everyone, keep the vibes flowing!


Anonymous said...

welcome to the other side of teh tunnle Dan!
Whatever you do DO NOT SNEEZE :P

We miss your sense of humour on the message board.

I would say as the wise Jhony walker said before:
Keep Walking!

hope to hear more good news about you soon

Amani/ another cured PMPer

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog since yesterday ( the family is doing a nice job) and was SO HAPPY to hear that things went well. The hardest part is over. Continued good luck.

Barb Schwanke ( Sheboygan, WI)
another cured PMPer

Anonymous said...

I thought I had the wrong blog when I saw Elvis!!! You are finally on your journey to recovery! Wishing you well soon, my friend.