Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last 24 hrs

Hate to be whiny, but the past 24 hours just sucked. Tired, didn't sleep, nauseated, sore, bloated, sweating then chilled, dragged downstairs for a couple rounds of x-rays, generally miserable. At least they pulled out my chest tube, that gave me some relief.

Thankfully, they basically gave me the day off, backed my feeding tube way down then off, and I tried to sleep. My wonderful mom made sure I cleaned up and went on two very short walks around the floor.

The medical staff said it's okay, this is not unusual. And I know that; it was just one of those days you don't think you'll ever feel normal again.

Just started watching the Star Trek movie on the hospital TV system, which reminded me that I received a card from my 9 year old son yesterday that said "Live Long and Prosper," with drawings of the Vulcan hand salute, a phaser, the Federation insignia, and a banjo. Remembering that card was the first thing that made me feel better today. And that reminded me of why I know I'll feel better overall someday:

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Anonymous said...

Two steps forward ,one step back....sometimes we move backwards before we can move forwards..the good news is that today is almost over and that photo of your children is priceless and has to raise your spirit!
I was concerned that the four walks a day you are taking was going to burn a hole in those fancy socks you have anyways!
Dr. Fournier's P.A. Karen called me this morning and i got my first "yaaalll" come down here.
Thanks...get some rest
p.s. My daughter is helping me get a blog going that you were talking about...I am calling it "BIG FISH Diaries" that is all i have so know how i feel about computers!

Tim said...

Hang in there Danny - soon you'll be just a pain the butt, not in the abdomen too! ;-) Let me know if you are up for visitors anytime soon and i'll figure out how to convince Delta that Houston can be en route from LA to Minneapolis. Let us know if you need anything and care packages can be arranged. Stay strong buddy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

We appreciate the updates and being able to track along with your healing process.


Nancy & Terry
Frisco, Texas

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling you were having one of those days!

On the bright side of the picture, this may mean that your digestive system is waking up!

Don't hate me for saying this, but more walking then long stretche of sleep will help a lot.

Of course nothing comes near as helpful as that beautiful pictures of your kids.

We've been having good laughs on the message board in your honor. Your Dr. Seuss picture inspired a thread of really funny Dr. Seuss PMP ryhms.

Let someone read them to you (tummy pillow in hand)

Prayers for contiued healing and speedy recovery


Rachel said...

Hopefully today is a better day. Onward!
I wish we could tell our kids just HOW much they mean to us every day and especially during a tough time like what you're going through right now. They won't really know until they become parents.
My kids are the reason I don't give up. As I'm sure your kids are the same to you.
Thanks for posting a pic of your kiddos, Adorable!

Remember, you're one more day into recovery than you were yesterday.


Joe Botana said...

Hey, Dan - great picture / cute kids! Sorry you are having a crummy day. It will help you appreciate the good days that will follow even more. Hope you enjoy the new Star Trek movie - I did. Live long & prosper & feel better! Thanx 4 the updates. We'll keep praying 4U. Joe p.s. JD sends you "get well" wishes too.

Claudia said...

I was worried when I didn't see any updates yesterday, but can certainly understand that not everyday is a good day. Just keep thinking about your kids.

Live Long & Prosper

Your Key West Fan Club