Saturday, January 16, 2010


They turned off my epidural on Thursday, and pulled it out Friday morning. It took a few days to adjust to the new pain meds, but it's under control now. But it definitely was a huge benefit to have that epidural for a week, wow.

Other than that, just walking, resting, and getting poked at by doctors and nurses. Mom is keeping me moving. Going to try to read, but focusing more than 15 minutes is still hard!

But today, the 8th day after my surgery, was the first day that I got out of bed, walked, and got back into bed all by myself. That felt good.

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The Shoreview Ecks said...

Glad to hear it bro! Keep thinking STRONG!! You are!!

Anonymous said...

Yeaay for independence!
It’s great to hear that you’re out and about! Just don’t go too fast:)

enjoy being spoiled as long as it lasts.

I recall the feeling in my eyes when I tried to read my emails (under the influence!) It seemed like brain was saying: “hey eyes, work to-ge-ther! Focus!” But eyes were giving brain the silent treatment and walking away from each other!

Again, enjoy it while it lasts:)

Keep the good news coming


Meg said...

The process sounds hard, but take heart in all signs moving in the right direction. Every tube removed is a sign your body is ready to return to health. Keep un-plugging away!