Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally, photos of my surgery!!

That's my actual surgery. I put the rest on Flickr, with the really gross pictures about half way through the set... Click on this: FLICKR PICS


Joe B. said...

Hey, Dan -- If I could handle pictures of surgeries I would have stayed on the pre-med route & not moved over to the school of business... ;-) Glad you are home & we will keep praying for your recovery until UR 100% back in the groove. If you need anything now that you are home do let us know. Your courage, honesty & good spirits thru this whole ordeal are truly an inspiration. Take good care... Joe

Rachel said...

I love the pics.... I wish they'd take pics of my surgery. I'm Jealous.
have you decided what tatoo to get? I still say "Thug Life."

Kristin Weiman Skrien said...

Dan, how did you get those pictures? I mean all those, they are really something! Who takes them, did you have to ask them to do this in advance? What did it take to get them? Really curious, haven't EVER seen anything like that.

Thanks! Weiman