Tuesday, May 24, 2011

scans all clear....

Hello PMP buddies...

Got word from Dr. Fournier down at MD Anderson today about my latest scans (last week). Looking good.

I'm 16 months out from my MOAS. Ran a quick 3 miles tonight to celebrate. I've actually joined a running group for the summer to train for a half-marathon in September!!

I'm on a 4 month CT schedule (yes, Mark, I know you are on a 6 month schedule already!!), and hopefully this fall I can get that moved to a 6 month schedule.

On with life....

I hope you are all doing well!!



Daniel W. Eck

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I haven't posted in a while, so here's an email I just sent to a friend, in lieu of an original update!

Hey [fellow cancer buddy],

I'm doing good! Japan was a quick trip, only there 5 days. Too much going on back at work to stay, and didn't want to tempt fate. Only felt a few minor aftershocks.

So, just working for a living, getting by, staying happy... Not much to report. Got my check up scans coming up here on Thursday, in Sheboygan. So it doesn't seem as stressful. The scans and test results will be sent down to Houston, so I'm not sure when I'll hear back. Kind of weird doing it that way.

I've been taking a PMP break for a while, I think, kind of stepping back from really engaging any new patients with advice. I've been watching others take up that role. Hopefully I'm an "old timer" in that respect, even though I'm only, what 16 months post-MOAS. Seems longer, for some reason. The time machine effect, maybe. I'm following Rachel's journey, too. About all I can handle for the time being!

[Another cancer buddy] and I emailed a bit a while ago, we are thinking about scheduling our fall MD Anderson trips to coincide, and perhaps you and [husband] can drive over and meet us too! A big PMP party.

You sound really good, getting some sailing in, eh? My boss has a sailboat he hasn't had out for a few years (he had kidney failure, and miracles of miracles got a working transplant last fall!)... we're talking about getting his boat out and slipped at the local yacht club, like he used to do. Since he is under some exercise restrictions due to his kidney transplant he would "command" and helm, and I would do the heavy lifting (winching, raising the sail, swabbing the decks, etc.). I told him that sounded an awful lot like our typical work days, but okay, at least it is outside.

Sheboygan Mark and I tried to grab a beer last week, but he ended up going turkey hunting. We'll get together soon, he's taking me fishing this spring....

My employer (the college) has a fundraising gala Saturday night, so I have rented a tux so I can be cool and all that... It's usually a great party, really nice and fun people attend, it's a joint fundraiser for the college and the local symphony. It's staged like dancing with the stars. See: http://moversandshakersgala.org/

So, can you top that? :) What's new down in [your city]? Do you sometimes get tired of being remarkable?