Tuesday, May 24, 2011

scans all clear....

Hello PMP buddies...

Got word from Dr. Fournier down at MD Anderson today about my latest scans (last week). Looking good.

I'm 16 months out from my MOAS. Ran a quick 3 miles tonight to celebrate. I've actually joined a running group for the summer to train for a half-marathon in September!!

I'm on a 4 month CT schedule (yes, Mark, I know you are on a 6 month schedule already!!), and hopefully this fall I can get that moved to a 6 month schedule.

On with life....

I hope you are all doing well!!



Daniel W. Eck


Big Fish Diaries said...

Great news on your latest test results!Nice to hear that Houston is impressed with the high quality scans taken at Memorial.

Still trying to do the fishing and catch a beer thing.I have only went fishing once myself! Spring in Wisconsin! Course all you have to do is turn on the news, there are plenty of locations that would exchange our weather for what they have experienced in a heart beat!

Sheboygan Mark