Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wasted Chance....

Remember I mentioned that other Sheboyganite with appendix cancer, the 4th that I know of? Click here for my post on her, but click here for the newsletter article that I got in the mail, that's how I found out about her.

And click here for her obituary. She died a few days ago, I guess. Signet Ring Cell.

Dammit. I never even tried to contact her. I thought about it, but I needed a break from the whole cancer thing, so I didn't. I don't know if that sounds callous, but sometimes I have to really step back and get perspective. So many deaths lately, it seems, at least on the patient advocacy website (PMP Bellybuttons Club).

I feel bad I never met her. Heck, turns out she lived 5 blocks away from me. I probably passed her walking our respective dogs on the lake shore, and never even knew it was her.

Well, there has also been a spate of longtime survivor anniversaries. So, some good things, too. Never forget that!

And congrats to Sheboygan Mark--1 year old!


kat said...

We never know who we might chance to meet on this journey through PMP and other SCTUFF in life. I do understand your need to step back at times, Dan. You are appreciated.