Friday, June 18, 2010

Reinemann Night at the Ballpark!

Some pics from last night's Sheboygan A's event (can't say "game" because the opposing team never showed up! Click HERE for the story, including a recording of the local radio interview with the A's manager! Definitely click through and listen to the interview!!).

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It was a beautiful evening, as evidenced by the above photograph.... And it was crowded, about 1,000 people showed up--look at the long line at the admission gate below! Mark Reinemann (his caringbridge site is is a former A's player. I think they retired his number--so he couldn't come back. (That one was for you, Mark!) Mark said he led the team in strikeouts, but the bad news was that he wasn't a pitcher (such a Mark type joke).

Of course, I had to enjoy one cold beer. It was a baseball game, after all.

The Sheboygan South High baseball team was there--funny, nice kids. During a serious moment of the pre-game "ceremony" one of the kids was blowing a bubble and his gum flew out of his mouth on to the grass. I enjoyed watching them trying not to laugh about it.

Mark's UCC church softball team mates were also there--they offered to play the A's since the other team was apparently busy or intimidated.

 Finally, a good crowd shot, the bleacher bums.

Before the festivities started, a friend came up to me and said there was a woman holding a "Sheboygan Dan" sign, walking around the ballpark. Now, I'm kind of used to that kind of attention from women, as you might expect. However, it turns out this was no ordinary woman, it was Cheryl, from the bellybuttons PMP website! Cheryl's son Brad has been dealing with PMP for about 5 years now, and she drove up for the game. It was so cool to meet her in person, she's been a great resource for so many PMP patients, including me.

In addition, the first (as far as I know) Sheboygan PMP patient, Barb, was in attendance. She had her MOAS (surgery) 5 years ago with Dr. Sugardaddy, and she is doing great, no problems! Always great to see her, a walking success story!

A good night at the ballpark. Would've been better with the other team, but the A's are a class organization, and I plan to go to more games. It is baseball in a pure, joyous form. Everyone should support local organizations like the Sheboygan A's. Here is a link to their SCHEDULE.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

It's Mallory here.. Mark's daughter. I think what I enjoy the most is that you understand my Dad's cheesy humor, hahah.. what a huge dork he is, but my dork, nonetheless.

I just wanted to quick drop a note thanking you for you support and mostly, understanding.. I know how much my Dad looks to you for your guidance during this rare and unique situation. I also think you're pretty funny yourself, and appreciate the laughs you give each day in the CB guestbook. :D

So thanks again, Dan. Hope to meet you someday in hopes of putting a face with the personality. Until then, take care.