Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

Like my other posts aren't random....

1. Resting: I probably pushed it too hard yesterday, even though I didn't do much, just got the kids to school, hit the grocery store with my mom, unpacked, went through mail, etc. Very tired today, it's weird how I can feel so weak on such short notice. It's like someone turns up the gravity all of a sudden. I look for the nearest horizontal surface.

2. Neighbors: they already have a schedule of when they will bring meals over. How lucky am I? Sheboygan....

3. Prayer: so many people told me they were praying for my wellness and recovery. It definitely made a difference, I felt so...reassured. I'm still not certain how all that works, whether people's prayers are routed through and boosted by a bearded man in a robe up on a cloud, or if my just knowing about them made me feel better. All I know is that it made me feel stronger to know people were thinking of me in that way. So they worked, regardless of how or why. Probably not supposed to know. I'll just let that be and remain grateful. Thank you.

4. It's not over: I have to go to Houston every three months for a couple of years, maybe, then less frequently after that, to ensure the beast remains banished. Sneaky disease.

5. Prekky: kids got me a super cool St. Helens Saints rugby jersey for my birthday, the team Steve "Prekky" Prescott played for in the UK. He was diagnosed with PMP 4 years ago and given 3 months to live. He is still in great shape, fundraising in the UK to fight cancer. Awesome dude.

6. This blog: it probably won't be updated as frequently as in the past couple months, but I've really enjoyed writing it, and I've loved reading all the comments. Now the recovery period will probably be boring. It's a different type of stress, I dont like sitting around or napping. Feels wasteful. But I know I need to do it so I can become active again. We'll see about the blog. I may move on to another strange writing project. I do have some unresolved thoughts I am working through about some of my fellow patients and what they have gone through; I may try to write those out of my system here in the next few days. Thank you so much for indulging me. According to the stat counter, this blog has had about 4,500 different (unique) visitors since November 2009, and about 1,500 of those visitors came back more than once. Pretty cool.

Dan (my dog missed me, this is her pinning me down under my blanket so I can't get away again--she follows me everywhere now)

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Big Fish Diaries said...

Welcome home...enjoy the blizzard!Are there any meals involving shrimp or catfish? I am so glad that you are doing well! Spring Brown and Rainbow trout fishing is right around the corner!I meet with Doctor Pappas tomorrow...if I have to have PMP surgery I am making sure that it is a "out patient" procedure cuz I have to go fishing with a friend!
I will call you on Thursday and fill you in.

Claudia said...

Dear Dan,
Usually I would think you didn't want to be in a cold place - but if that place is home - with your kids, your dog, parents and friends - then it is a great place to be.
In Key West we're getting ready to do a Babar exhibit - the author (age 85) lives here & is delightful.

Stay in touch - all our good thoughts are of you!

Anonymous said...


Welcome home, my friend! Please forgive my recent hiatus from the blog...I don't really have a good excuse for my "absence" in the last week or so, other than to say my time has been a bit more "consumed" than usual by work and family related activities.

I hope you are continuing to do well in your recovery, and that you will be "back at it" in no time! Until then, the prayers of the Mitchler family and our entire church remain with you.

On a final note, and for what it's worth, "napping" sounds very useful and appealing to me... :o)

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are home and on the Home Stretch! Never under- estimate the power of prayer, perhaps 4,500 prayers! Love the puppy posting...you know what they say about a man's best friend!


Kristin Weiman Skrien said...

Welcome Home!

Love your entries, they're always quite informative with your unique style and opinion :-) Glad you're home, and Happy belated Bday! Sure, it'll take awhile to feel "new normal" again, but that's OK...it'll happen. For now, just enjoy being there and do rest as much as you can. Someday soon you'll be super busy again and WISH you could take a break! Take good care - lots of people are thinking about you!