Friday, February 19, 2010

And the sun comes up again...

After such a serious post, here's a chaser. A beautiful, clear morning down at the Weather Center Cafe, along the river. I try to get out of the house a few times a day and go somewhere to take care of emails, etc., and break up the monotony. It was just such a nice morning, I wish I could have sat outside.... I can't wait for spring.

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Unknown said...

I saw your blog listed on UBAD and when I saw the picture of the Weather Center I had to comment. One of my favorite places for coffee except I need to be zen-like when I go in there because the pace of the service drives me crazy.

My name is Suzanne Knox and I graduated from Beloit in '86 along with Maeve Quinn, Andy Ross, Steven Maass, and Pat Sciarra - all from Sheboggie.

I love Sheboygan - being from Janesville - Sheboygan can provide both the beer and shot crowd and the wine and cheese crowd some culture and good restaurants. Of course the Kohler influence helps.

I see you have done some accupunture - at the risk of being forward have you considered macrobiotics. Warren Kramer is a great guy who works with a lot of cancer survivors and he comes to Chicago qtrly.

Good luck with your recovery - Sheboygan could not be a better place to do it.

Suzanne Knox '86,

Anonymous said...

I've read your blogs and kept up with your journey. Welcome home...
I won't consider myself a 'pro' dealing with cancer, but I hear what you're saying. My best advice is to live today... I had spent 2 plus years worrying about my cancer coming back and at times forgot that I was still living... Faith is an angel in itself... Have a great day today and the next today and ....
Jane B.