Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

I'm living that movie right now. But with less variety. Thursday I get to see the doctor. Change is good.

Not much to do but watch as my scars slowly heal. Slooowly. Almost imperceptibly. But they will heal up. Change is good.

Did I mention it is Groundhog Day?

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Joe Botana said...

So does that mean six more weeks of "...holding court at the Big C like you are Hemingway or Wilde. Or Pothast. And hanging out and exchanging bon mots and debating the merits of xylophonics as a music genre?" ;-)
Keep the faith, Dan -- this winter you are going thru will end, and soon, and spring (Nature's ultimate take on the "Do Over") will be here.

Anonymous said...


I won't try to offer anything of value to your latest posts, other than to say I hope you continue to articulate and "name" each feeling as it comes, and then "process it" as best you are able given everything you are dealing with...without question, you are a "survivor" in more ways than one! :o)

Still praying for you,