Friday, January 8, 2010

We did it!

Dan earned his star!
Here is the message from mom and sis.

"Talked to the doc, went great. Very happy. Complete cytoreduction!!!!
(the goal!) "No disease left!" per the awesome Dr.Fournier! Dan's
awake, has a million tubes in but does not even need to go to the ICU!
Guess we will get to see him in about an hour or so!"

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers today!

I'll continue to report as his healing starts now.


Joe Botana said...

That is wonderful news. A real answer to prayer! Thank you for being there w/ him & keeping us updated. Will keep praying for a complete recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent - double knuckle bumps and fist pumps to Dan and the Houston posse!!!!!!!

Nancy & Terry

claudia said...

Hey Tim,

Best news - Congrats to you& the rest of he team for a long day, stress...hope you can put Dan back to sleep and go out & celebrate.

Craig & I will head to Louie's
backyard and toast Dan's successful day.


Anonymous said...

Great news!!Thanks so much for the updates!I am doing the touchdown dance for Dan!

Meg said...

Fantastic news! Thanks so much for all the updates, Tim--I know they've been helpful to all of us worrying the day away. We're thrilled that the report is so positive, and wish Dan all the best in his recovery!

Rachel said...

SO Glad everything is going well. Hope it all continues to go smoothly!!! (and hoping your NG tube comes out soon- that thing sucks on toast)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!!