Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One in a million

I'm starting to really like neon.

Hey Beth! No, the one from Sheboygan. Could you teach me how to work in neon glass tubes?

The first neon sign on this post is from the quickie mart right across the street from my B&B. Like a moth to flame, I was drawn to it, and photographed it. And then I figured I should buy a lottery ticket from the dude inside watching me. 

The title of this post refers to the common belief of the odds of getting my form of cancer. It also happens to be the odds of winning the big prize on the lottery ticket I bought with $2 of my $10 Andy Bucks (never mind). I didn't win the big prize, but I won $50!!

BRB, as the kids say. I'm running across the street to re-invest my gains. Don't try to stop me.

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Meg said...

Maybe instead of the lightning bolt scar Keith will do it up into one of these neon scripts--what would yours say?

Dan said...

Blinking: "SUCKER"