Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bobby Boucher Country

Tired and sore, so no Houston tonight. Stopped about 4 hours short, I think, in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Bayou country, right by some huge swamp in southern Louisiana, west of Baton Rouge. Bargained for a vacant room at a nice B&B, got it cheaper than the local Super 8 or whatever it was....only 3 hotels in town, I think, and a handful of B&Bs. Got lucky to find such a room.

The older Cajun dude that checked me in was cool, but I could barely understand him through his Cajun accent. I am in swampland.

Old Cajun dude recommended that I eat here for dinner:

Sunday night? No problem in Louisiana bayou country, always food, drink, and music to be found, I guess.

Really fun place. Gumbo and Cajun punch, and a Cajun band. Lots of locals who knew each other, and just a few tourists, I think all of them from the same B&B I was at. We stood out. A couple big local family parties were going on....

Gumbo was super, bayou hot. Like runny nose and sweaty forehead hot. One spoon of gumbo, one drink of water. Bread pudding for dessert; I think they just dumped a shot of bourbon over it. Awesome.

There were two older local couples at the next table (a grandson was playing in the Cajun band). They reminded me of my grandparents and their friends at the flea market in Minnesota. Except swap the "ohh, yaa" for "mes amis."

Merci blah blah. Was going to stay at a haunted plantation tonight, but I needed the sleep instead.


Meg said...

I think I've gained five pounds just reading this post -- and my computer has fried out from me drooling into the keyboard. There are many things of concern in the south, but the food, music, and hospitality are not on that list. Onward!