Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy day

Lots of paperwork, questions, running around today. Did manage to visit the Menil Collection today, recommended independently by two artist friends as the one place to seeing Houston if you had time for only one. Awesome. Miro, Magritte, Ernst, Calder, Man Ray, wow. Stared at a bronze of Magritte's Healer for a while. Love surrealism.

Just got done finding two random strangers at the clinic to witness my signature on my living will and advance directive. We managed to joke about it, at least. In my opinion having those documents makes sure you won't need them!

Still, another dose of reality.

No solid food starting tomorrow. So, putting on nice clothes and going out for a good dinner tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan i hope you had a wonderful meal...i would have gone for the bbq ribs, steak and shrimp and anything else that looked good.
I gave labs for Dr. Pappas or Sam if you will on the 30th. I wonder if i got down there by Friday if they could do a two for one special! Looks like i have the big "C" hiding somewhere in my body.Ehab said it could be seeding or mucus building in my cavity..or my numerous cysts on my spleen,or my left kidney with the two cysts,or who knows !
On Friday i am suppose to start my last 30 days of chemo but will be questioning Ehab and Sam if i should do this if my treatment is not working anyways....I am concerned about them going in with my immune system being knocked down!
On the bright side my stress test on the old ticker came back excellent!
Thinking a lot about you,get some rest!