Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paroled today.

Okay then.

This is pretty much what I look like right now.

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Anonymous said...

Out of the hospital must really be doing well or they are really sick of you!I'd wait a couple of days before you get that fancy tattoo! Keep getting stronger!

chicagodiva said...

Hey Dan! Glad to see you are out of the hospital so quickly...either you are doing really well or you were asking too many lawyer questions and the Drs. said "We gotta get this guy outta here" :D. Please know that I am thinking of you and hoping for your swift recovery buddy!

All my best wishes,


Anonymous said...

No wonder it took 9 hours, indeed. Wow! Pretty impressive. Complete cytoreduction - yay! Children's just had the board annual meeting, featuring a LIVE minimally invasive procedure on an actual 18-month old, using the daVinci robot. All went well, no one said "oops." Anyway, keep getting better, we're all pulling for you.
Nancy DeDakis

Meg said...

I'm noticing that all your recent photos feature mustaches. Is this something else you've been working on? The Hawaiian shirt we'd recognize, but you'll throw people off with the facial hair. Glad we're forewarned...