Sunday, January 17, 2010

Meals Sequence

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Joe B. said...

See, you've turned the corner. You have graduated from IV and are back to hospital liquid diet -- headed back to gumbo & moon pies & Corona. Yea! Stay positive, Dan!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever told you that all of my relatives on my mom's side are originally from Mississippi, as well as the "Boot Heel" of Missouri - about 10 miles from Arkansas. Thus, when I visited them every summer, "Moon Pies" were a staple in my diet, as well as an RC Cola or Dr. Pepper, of course!

Stay on track, will be home in the land of cheese, beer, and brats before you know it! Don't worry, we will save some winter weather for you too... :o)

Allan Mitchler

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

I was happy to see you out and about and eating already! This is GREAT news!
Just so you'd appreciate how well you are doing, it took me 19 days to remove NG tube and an extra day to have about 5 spoonfulls of broth. And I'm one of the lucky folks who had very mild side effects.

Charm the nurses so they would get you some good broth from the doctor's lounge, their food is always better :)

Loved the sequence! We are waiting for you to get all better and assume the role of the creative director of our group! You sure know how to inspire people to see the comedy in all this.

Healing thoughts your way,


Kristin Weiman Skrien said...

Hey, you're getting there! Good for you :-)


Anonymous said...

You'll be back up to beer and double brats in no time. Plus, I just read a story last night about some German scientists discovering that beer (actually a chemical in hops) can help prevent cancer.