Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My morning appoinment with my medical team....

My morning appointment to discuss my surgery with Sandra, Karen, Carlo, and Keith went really well. (If you recall, in an earlier post I decided to use first names for everyone, unless age dictates respect.) I am very happy with my choice of MD Anderson. At peace with it.

One downside--Keith said he can't do a lightning bolt shaped incision, nor one that looks like a shark bite. I said I'd draft the consent form right there, but he came out with the old "it wouldn't heal well" excuse. Bah. I even offered to let him carve an "F" for Fournier as part of it. No go.

However, he did promise pictures of the surgery. After the incision request denial, I think he viewed that as the least he could do.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I especially liked the photo of the shrimp sauce over eggs. Yum.

We are thinking of you and sending whatever "energy" we can muster:)

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