Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Even more Cary Tennis, and what to call your doctor...

I have a lot stored up to blog about. Cary Tennis (I've mentioned him here and here) wrote about his thoughts as he was entering the hospital for his cancer surgery and long recovery. For that latest article, click right here. It's time to "turn it over" to the doctors, and "just heal," he says. Good advice.

Another article, this one from the New York Times, about calling your doctor by his/her first name: http://tinyurl.com/yaoqu5z

I totally did that with "Keith" (Dr. Fournier) because I felt bad I was calling the female PA and nurses by their first names. I had called every other doctor I consulted with "Dr. [Last Name]" but I decided to go with the first name for the M.D. Anderson doctor. "Keith" didn't blink, I hope he didn't mind. But it kind of demystified him for me, I felt more connected to him.