Friday, January 22, 2010

The post you've been waiting for--the "Conceal Dan's Scars Contest"

... or you can just enjoy the picture of my scars.

But for those of you creative types so inclined, I could use your help figuring out how to artfully work the scars into some sort of decorative tattoo or something like that. I cannot guarantee that I will actually go through with a tattoo, but it would be interesting to see some options.

Below is a picture of the scars from my two surgeries Photoshopped onto a picture of me, to show what they will look like by summer. Yes, I have a hairy chest, please take that into account in your designs. (There are actually three other scars from the various tubes coming out of my chest, but they will just be smallish circles, hopefully.)

The top two entries will receive their choice of a Sheboygan, Lakeland College, or University of Texas T-shirt.

Thanks for your help.

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Boston Bound said...

You are much more handsome than Tom Selleck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,


The compass looks good...

Copy and paste to check this out.
Go with temps until you decide you like it!!!

Terry & Nancy

Rachel said...

I think you should just tell everyone it's a knife wound (har har) and have "Thug Life" Tattooed on your stomach.


Unknown said...

I was thinking of a tattoo of a train since my scar looks like tracks.

Lisa said...

I would suggest a tree...the roots would be at the bottom (duh) the branches would spread across that hairy chest! The small circles you mention could be worked in as apples...the tree of the knowledge of good and evil??? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that had a zipper tat on his scare

Sheblogan, WI said...

I would go with a huge sunflower.:) But, you should probably opt for something more masuline like barbed wire on a fence post or something. (I'm actually saying this outloud in my most masculine and powerful voice right now...)

Damn. Tom Selleck looks good.


tlbothel said...

Nice pic Mr. sell-Eck.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Rachel's idea! Love the bad boy thing!