Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just a random post of something from the first few days post surgery that I don't want to forget, something my doctor called ICU psychosis.

Thanks to the combination of the effects of chemotherapy and surgery, and my pain meds, early on I was certain that the clock in my hospital room was spinning backwards, that my IV pumps were talking to me (in Chinese), and that the balloons that my friend Kelly sent me were staring at me. Just the red one, actually. He's their leader.

Those were some long nights. The clock and the IV pumps are now fine, but the balloons have been banished to the bathroom.

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Joe B. said...

Those aren't hallucinations. The red balloon IS the ringleader.It is communist Chinese (that's why it is red) and is thus able to speak to the IV machines in their native language. They had heard you were working on a plot to smuggle young Chinese to the USA to be trained as pilots and were trying to thwart you. It is good that your Intel services were better than TSA's & you were able to get him out of your room and into the bathroom... where all of these terrorists go to blow themselves up, right? ;-)
Hope this did not cause you to laugh & thus hurt too much... and that maybe it cured your hiccups. Hang in there, Dan!!

Lisa said...

Yes, Joe is completely on to something here. I was going to say that the balloons definitely are trouble. You keep them under close watch until back-up can be sent! Or at least, keep them sequestered in the bathroom.

Dane said...

Haven't you ever watched a horror movie? The nasty beast, in this case balloons, always gets you when you're in the bathroom. Is the bed pan handy?

Meg said...

You should be aware that the balloons are the only visible sign of a much more sinister presence--the infamous clown doll. Look under your bed and in your closet before going to sleep for the night. Stay alert, Dan--don't let those defenses down!

Rachel said...

ITA!!! Scary Red Balloons. Arm yourself with sharp objects!