Sunday, January 10, 2010


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Location:Bertner Ave,Houston,United States


Anonymous said...

Nice socks!
Im jealous! you got a much cooler room than mine :)

Keep on walking, doing breathing exercises and pushing that heavenly button!

Pain will gradually disappear, and your body will sooon recognize that it don't need no stinkin PMP'ed organs :) (adapted from Jay's famous phrase)

Im sure you found at least ten different funny answers to 'the question'


Anonymous said...

Hey Mister,

We are all so relieved that everything went well. I can't believe that you have already been on your feet. We'll keep sending you good energy... I guess that is what some people call Prayer--what ever you call it... Thinking about you and sending you lots of love and energy.


Meg said...

This gives new meaning to "onward," doesn't it? Keep taking one step at a time, and know that you've got a wave of people supporting you!