Friday, January 8, 2010

2pm Update

From sis...

"Latest update from Lucy:
They took the right part of colon out. Left the spleen in. Heated
chemo wash is going on now as planned. That started about 1:05pm and
lasts 90minutes. Then closure after that takes about an hour. She said
it's going as planned and our next update will be most likely from the
doc himself when the surgery is done. Ok, breathe again!"

We're gettin' there! Keep doing whatever it is your doing!


Troy said...

Nice clear photos considering all the coffee you're drunk. Glad he's got you there with him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, Nyra, & Margaret,

Thanks for progress updates!!

Love and prayers from here.

Uncle Terry in Frisco

Claudia said...

Hello Tim, Nyra and Margaret,

You are a great support team! We are so happy you are there with Dan during this procedure - and thank you for keeping us updated.

Those colons are way too long anyway.

Keep breathing & we'll keep positive vibrations going your way from the Southernmost City.


Joe Botana said...

Thanx for the updates. I've been praying for Dan & his surgical team throughout the day & will keep on doing so. God bless.... Joe B.