Thursday, January 21, 2010

More on hallucinations... Set to music

Okay, smart people, stop sending me links to this music video.
Creeping me out.


Anonymous said...

I hate to bring up something so traumatic but in order to preserve the integrity of your blog, I am forced to remind you that the red balloon actually stuck its tongue out at you. Evidently this happened when mom and I had our backs turned. At least that's what you told us. I know it is a painful memory... the red balloon was mocking you.
Your loving sister

Tim said...

I remember at Beloit, Dan would always pop only the red balloons. With a crazy look on his face he would commit ballonicide. Always the red ones .... Why Dan? Why???????? And now, when you are partially disabled, they come to evenge their brethren. You need to seek insight from a clown, they will know what to do!