Sunday, March 6, 2011


I haven't posted in a while, but I just wanted to say (for those that I don't talk to frequently, or those strangers that find or have found this site and read it occasionally) that it's because I'm busy, and just don't have much to update about PMP right now....

All is fine great health-wise, I'm super busy at work (which is also great, as I love my job), and I'm just as busy outside of work! I'm having a great time and all that, but in reality I cannot wait for spring. It's too icy outside to run this morning, so I might force myself to use my elliptical trainer. Once spring breaks, I've got a lot planned already--sailing, camping, running, and a few getaways. Heading to Japan next month again too. And I've got a ticket sitting on Southwest, I may use that for a beach visit this month, a long weekend.

So, hope you are all doing well. Newbies who find this site, send me an email if you want to talk!

Some quick pics. My friend and co-worker Ken flew us up to Green Bay for a meeting. On the way back we circled our campus.

(One final note--a few weeks ago, in order to explain my surgery to a new patient who found me through this blog, I reviewed my post-operative report. I hadn't really thought about this stuff in any depth for a while, and reviewing that report and the details of the treatment reminded me of what a lucky, lucky person I am, and how poorly things could have gone under different circumstances, timing, etc. Holy sh*t. I am one lucky dude and will never forget that! Screw the ice--the sun is shining, and I'm heading out for a run.)