Monday, January 17, 2011

Latest tests...

Last week's Houston trip was a success. Blood work, x-rays, and scans all clear, no evidence of cancer. Except the big scars, right?

There wasn't an immediate rush of relief when I saw the doctor. Well, maybe a little one, but then it takes a few days for it to really sink in. And visiting M.D. Anderson brings back lots of memories. It is a comforting place, but still, it brings you back to some scary times. And you worry about all the people you see and talk to there....

But you can't live like you are sick when the doctor tells you that you are healthy. So you process it and move on, and ease into a comfortable spot with it all. After a few days, I feel calm now, at ease with it. Made a healthy dinner last night, built a nice fire, a little wine, and just relaxed. Pretty good deal.

So, one year down, 40 or 50 to go. I think this gets easier as time goes on....

It's just starting to snow out there, we might get 5" over the next 24 hours. It's very peaceful and pretty outside. Drive careful!




Nancy said...

Congratulations! It's been one year (today) since my surgery, and I just spent the last hour shoveling snow. Woo hoo! Am still waiting for my yearly scans to be scheduled.

kim said...

So glad your scans were clear and were given good news.
I go to MD next week to schedule my surgery and get on with my life.
Thanks for your blog,

Dennis said...

Congratulations on the good report you received from Dr. Fournier on your one year anniversary. May there be many, many more in the future.

Thanks for all the help you have provided Valerie in the last five months.

Dennis and May Stittsworth

Beth said...

So glad to hear the good news!!

Conchscooter said...

Congratulations on the cancer thing etc etc... though I am a bit taken aback to find you joined my blog (and I struggle to figure out what exactly that means),as mine is totally unfiltered in my opinions and so forth and seems rather unsuited to the delicate flavors of post operative recovery. But I guess you figured that out already, so keep looking at the pictures as I fear ironic detachment is who I am and pissing people off is what I do, unfortunately. I tell my doctor he's going to hate me when I get sick as I shall make his life hell. so I hope the pictures do some good as the snow settles around you.

I-270, Exit 1 said...

Maybe you could get a tattoo that incorporates those big scars. When someone asks what it (the tattoo) is, you could say "It's the scar from my cancer surgery. My surgeon is an artist."

Anyway, always glad to read your good news.

Kristin Weiman Skrien said...

Yeah!! Congratulations to you! Here's to many many more years of good health - cheers!


Nancy DeDakis said...

Wonderful news! We head off to Key West on Feb. 19 and will raise many glasses of Margaritas to you. And we'll say hello to conchscooter guy if we see him.

Nancy and Chris