Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Found something to write about....

Check it out--had dinner at Pastor Jim and Pastor Julia's house the other night, and Jim had found this cool biking cap for me, since I want to get into biking. Get it? Jelly Belly. I love it.

Despite that fact that Jelly Belly jelly beans are my favorite candy (tied with Mike & Ikes), I never made that connection. (For you non-PMPers, "jelly belly" is the colloquial term for having a belly full of gelatinous alien cancer goo.) Funny the things we are blind to, right in front of our eyes.

Jim also got the same cap for our buddy Mark, another Sheboyganite with PMP, who, in an even greater coincidence, goes to Julia and Jim's church as well. Small world.
That's the kids' pet R2D2, modeling the cap. He does not bike.


Big Fish Diaries said...

Thanks for letting the "cat out of the bag!"Jim told me he had something for the two of us.Dan just a little advice be careful if you ever go on a bike ride with Jim!He will kick your ASS! I had a very hard time keeping up with him and he was on a mountain bike! That guy is lean!Of course you know the saying...never trust a fat preacher!
I have a consult with Dr. Sardi next Wednesday...that may change because I am trying to see Dr.Sugarbaker the same day...the two birds with one stone thing.

Big Fish Diaries said...

And by the way...coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous!

Rachel said...

Funny! That was the first thing I thought of when I heard of Jelly Belly.

mmmmm Jelly beans and gelatinous alien goo.

Hope you're feeling well. Getting into biking? I think you should start updating that journey on this page- it's relevant. Maybe if you get real competitive- they could be your sponsor.

Rachel said...

OH... and if you're feeling up to it in August- Ohio State Univeristy does a bike 'race' from Columbus, OH to Athens, OH.


Riding on the same route I take to get to C-Bus for treatment. Just in case you're interested.