Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet they don't have time to check out my blog...

Despite my emails to various Antarctic research organizations (yes, I did that), still no hits on my blog from the elusive seventh continent, Antarctica. I must be approaching it wrong, I should play up my love of rugby.

How Antarctica’s Scientists Chill Out: With a Rugby Match on the Ice

At the foot of an active volcano 900 miles from the South Pole, Tom Leard leads a fearless band of men and women over a battlefield of frozen sea, beneath a relentless sun. Ash billows out from the peak behind them as they approach their enemies, who stand staggered across the barren stretch of ice, clad in black from head to toe.
“Don’t let them in your heads,” Leard tells his motley crew of carpenters, engineers, and service workers. “We’re the underdogs, but if we support each other, we can win.”
Here, on a January day in Antarctica’s frozen McMurdo Sound, Leard and company have come for the latest installment of a decades-long tradition: A rugby match, played between the American and New Zealand research bases, on a field of sea ice 10 feet thick.... (full story here).


Rachel said...

Awh Poor Guy! Maybe you should just go down there and give them a talking to. Then show them a few rugby tricks.:)

Anonymous said...

I think you may have lost it man!Is there a limit on how much anesthetic that should be given during MOAS? How do you come up with this stuff!!!
call me!