Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inappropriate Humor

Okay, now some things from my HIPEC night (see 2 posts before this one) are coming back to me.

I remember R singing "I'm PMP! I'm dynamite! PMP! And I'll win the fight!" to the tune of AC/DC's "TNT" all night. You can watch it here (the TNT version, not the PMP version). You have to watch it until at least a minute in, to the chorus. Then sing along....


Also, I have a better recollection of the cab ride. I told R that I have a brand new, all purpose, unbeatable excuse for everything I do wrong, from now on. I told him, "Go ahead, complain about something I did." He said something like "You ate the last onion ring, jerk." At which point I yelled back, "F*&K YOU, I HAVE CANCER!" And we both laughed hysterically. Cab driver looked uncomfortable.

I apologize for offending anyone. But see my excuse, above.


Anonymous said...

Hey...I think I know this R person! Sounds like you had a fun night.