Saturday, November 28, 2009

HIPEC, the Chicago Method

I experimented with my own treatment methodology last night: HIPEC = High Intoxication Perfusion Enjoyed in Chicago.

I was visiting my old law firm buddy R, and we watched the Pitt/West Virginia game at a Chicago bar called Gamekeepers.

From there we hit a few other classic Chicago pubs. There was lots of yelling and laughing, a woman I probably insulted by correctly guessing her age, some West Virginia fan harassing R (while her boyfriend backed her up), and some guy wearing a scarf whom we made fun of by yelling "Hogwarts!" After that it's a little hazy. It appears from my photos that at some point we also took a cab somewhere. Through hyperspace, from the looks of my photo.... See other pics from the night here.

All in the name of medical science.

I ran the beer and onion rings off this afternoon, on a beautiful clear, cool day in Sheboygan. Ran out to the lighthouse too, gotta do that as much as possible before it all freezes over.


Unknown said...

Holy crap-- you actually went running today? You are hard core!