Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago was my big surgery. I feel great. Last fall I was put on a once a year scan schedule for monitoring purposes, and my health is excellent--better than it has been in years, even before cancer.

A big thanks to everyone--my parents and siblings and the rest of my family and friends! There is no way I can every repay everyone for what they did for me.

No scans or doctor visits until next September.

Later. Much to do.



Jerry said...

Dan, I have read your blog as my wife has been diagnosed with PMP or mucinous adenocarcinoma by a general surgeon who did an exploratory surgery. We live in Ohio and am wondering who did your surgeries at OSUMC? We are considering the James as one of our opinions, and one at MD Anderson for another. Hoping to see Dr. Fournier. Thanks, Jerry

Juanita said...

Hi Dan
My name is Juanita. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I will be having my laparoscopy to re-stage my signet ring appendix cancer this Friday. I will have to have another colon re-section but most probably a peritonectomy and HIPEC infusion within the next few weeks. We only have two surgeons in the whole of Australia who perform this, luckily I have access to one of them. I found your blog by accident tonight and was glad to read you are 2 years post op. I am buoyed by your success! My blog is if you ever want to drop by. Take good care :-) Juanita