Friday, September 17, 2010


I feel like I've been shutting out the disease. I'm not sure why, I'm really busy and all, but I think I've been subconsciously avoiding PMP. But then I'm also almost obsessed with it, checking the BellyButtons site first thing in the a.m., and checking the caringbridge sites of all the cancer buddies I have made... I have to strike a better balance emotionally on this.... Next scans are mid-November. Think the other day I pulled a muscle or tore some scar tissue around the site of my first surgery, and it's still tender. The pain is discomforting in more than a physical way....

Here's an idea for replacing the mitomycin in the HIPEC wash-- Hot Wisconsin Cheese! (Sheboygan County Fair, a few weeks ago...)

Anyhow, some updates on what else I've been doing:

Backpacking to a remote camping site with the daughter.

Kids have soccer (the girl in blue!) and tennis (the boy) and that keeps me hopping.

Also took the kids up to a neighbors cabin. Some other fun and interesting stuff too, more on that later!

And then working quite a bit. Very busy, a few hours most evenings too. Not keeping up, but still moving forward. And helping start an organic food co-op in downtown Sheboygan. WTF, right?

I'm off to Tokyo Sunday morning. I'll take some good pictures! I should wear the cowboy hat I bought in Hardin, MT, to Tokyo. I'm 'Murrican, you know... F*&k yeah.

Keep moving....