Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheridan, WY, for the big rodeo....

WYO Rodeo, 80th anniversary year, pictures from last night. More info about the rodeo HERE.

Taking a breather at a nice cafe in downtown Sheridan. Click on any picture to fill your screen with Western Goodness.

Too tired to type anything long and introspective. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.  Below are the indian relays...

Rodeo stuff going on below (my cousins know all the lingo, I don't). 

Below is my nephew Zack (Minnesota), me (Wisconsin), and cousin Randal (Montana). 
Only one real cowboy in this picture, I'm not telling you who it is.
My cousin Randal and me at the rodeo. 

Sister Nyra, and her boys Joe and Zack.
At the street party in downtown Sheridan after the rodeo. 

My nephew Joe (Minnesota), Amy (Erik's wife), cousin Erik (Hawaii), me, and my dad (Minnesota).

The famous Mint Bar, over 100 years old. 
Mayhem inside the Mint Bar....

Cousin Randal and old friends inside the Mint Bar.

Me trying to figure out what the heck I was drinking in that shot glass. 
Randal assured me it was reasonably safe. It was tasty; a Polish liquor distilled locally in Sheridan. 

World famous King Ropes store and saddle museum.

Tonight is the finals at the rodeo. 


Rachel said...

I must say... You rock a cowboy hat!
Hope your checkup goes well.

Best thoughts!