Sunday, May 9, 2010

In the 'hood

Beautiful day today at Casa del Eck.

Sam and I enjoyed the tree house--sliding action figures down a string.

Gaby and one of her friends managed a mobile lemonade stand.

And finally, Cleo the pirate dog, born 200 years too late, gazes out over the Great Inland Sea while we relaxed on a pier.

After all that, and after dinner, Sam and I made chocolate chip cookies for the neighborhood kids, and we all ate them outside.

I think we're wedged in somewhere between Normal Rockwell and Garrison Keillor. There are worse places to be.

What does all this have to do with PMP/cancer? Hey, it was such a fine day--4 months post-surgery, life goes on....

Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Thanks again for Houston, what you did for me. You too, big sister!

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Rachel said...

Looks like good times. Keep it up!

Big Fish Diaries said...

Cool! Sliding Super Heroes out of a tree fort! Aah to be a kid again!

Kristin Weiman Skrien said...

Beautiful home, beautiful family and beautiful memories. Life is good.